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We slept in our own little chalet nestled between tall healthy trees,
let the clear blue waves crash against our delicate bodies
& drove through tree tunnels after tree tunnels

Nothing but the sea was between America and I while I stood on the very end of England (Lands End)

On the last day I swam in the ocean as the cold rain hit my cold head
My hands and toes went numb, and we hid behind rocks for shelter from the storm on a cliff

Not wanting to leave, we said farewell to our tiny chalet and the intimidating sea and headed back north. It was nice down there.


((((((((( I haven't posted photos here in ages, and will not in the future.
Go to my site for new work-
Silvertide Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010
This site will be a little less beautiful without your photos here.

You seem to have alot of sites to keep up with, so I can imagine how long it takes to keep this site up to date along with everything else. Farewell to you, where ever you may be or where ever you move on to!~
InnoTenshi Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
Your thoughts are painted lovely with yellow golden hues. I like to think about what you describe when you write, and it's dreamy.

I wonder if you know what it's like to see the world through yellow tinted goggles. You probably do; it's like rose-coloured glasses. Only the world is gold.

Dashes182 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010   Photographer
You're so sweet. Thank you <3
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Submitted on
September 14, 2010